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We are delighted to respond if possible to invitations to minister to your church or event, as the Holy Spirit leads.
By filling out the form below, you can help us prayerfully consider how we might serve you and your group in a timely manner and in a way that brings our Lord glory and blessing! We will respond as soon as possible.
Because we desire to be a conduit for as much impact as possible in the regions we visit, it is best if we can work with as many churches & organizations as possible through regional events. We encourage you to enlist the participation, help, and prayer of the Body of Christ in your community to help fulfill our responsibility to steward time and resources wisely and in obedience to the Lord's desire for unity.

Host Information


Event Information

What is the vision and purpose for this event?
Will there be a trained & trusted ministry team available, if Jessica needs assistance in ministry?

We believe that intercession is necessary for the meetings before Jessica arrives. Please describe your plans for this preparation.

Travel Arrangements

Jessica prefers to bring an intern with her, as part of their training, and to assist her with details and in prayer. We ask that the host church/ministry cover the costs of travel, food, and lodging for Jessica and her travel partner. We also ask that love offerings be received in each service led by Jessica to help support the work of this ministry. This compensation is separate from travel, food, and lodging support.
Please indicate your agreement with these travel arrangements below:
Our host church/ministry is willing to cover the travel, food and lodging expenses for Jessica and her travel partner while ministering with us.

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Thank you for filling out this form as completely as possible. We will prayerfully consider your invitation to host Jessica at your event and will respond expediently.
Jessica Maldonado
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