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Written by Jessica Maldonado   
Monday, 21 May 2007 06:30
Yei, Sudan Field Report #1

Finally we are in Yei! We arrived yesterday afternoon, Monday May 21, 2007 after approximately 23 hours of flying. First, we arrived to Entebbe, Uganda at 1 a.m. on Saturday and rested at the “Boma Hotel” while waiting for the next available flight to Yei, Sudan or Monday morning. Sharon and I were received by our beloved friend Cathi Crooks, Yei, Sudan Iris Ministries Director Michele Perry, and Pastor John Malis. Seeing my friend Cathi Crooks after three months was wonderful. We hugged and cried! It’s amazing how so much love can be shared between two sisters in Christ. When I met Cathi at church 1 ½ years ago I immediately knew that we were connected. Her love for Africa and mine joined us together forever. So here we are in Yei, Sudan Yei!!!!!!!!!!
After a 20 minute drive on a dusty red dirt road we arrived at the center and were received with a delightful song and dance prepared especially for us by the orphanage children. They had been praying for us for weeks and had been waiting with anticipation for our arrival. It was so beautiful! I couldn’t have had a bigger smile on my face and Sharon was completely undone.

Yei, Sudan May 2007After a tour of the facilities, accompanied by our entourage, the children, I had the opportunity to sit down with Michele and hear about her heart for Sudan and how the Lord brought her here. We then fellowshipped, Cathi, Sharon, Michele and I, and had some missionary, on fire, passionate talk about how awesome God is and what he is doing in Yei. You see, life here in Africa is so different than in the States. There is no clock that determines the agenda, No one is in a rush, and relationships are critical! And so we did what Africans do, we bonded!

In the early evening we had dinner! We ate posho and dodo! This is maize and a green leafy vegetable with its broth. It’s quite tasty! Thank God for hand sanitizers since silverware are not part of the culture; thus, we ate with our hands! Dinner was followed by worship which was led by Beida, a 13 year old girl with a beautiful voice and an immense love for the Lord. The drums were composed of wooden sticks made out of tree branches and plastic containers, jerry cans, which are also used for drawing water from the well each morning. We danced, laughed, and prayed. The presence of the Lord was tangible and sweet!

This morning, Tuesday May 22nd, I woke up to the sound of the birds and the children 
worshipping acapella in the courtyard. It was about 06:00 a.m. and the sun had not come up yet. I immediately jumped to my feet, dressed, and went outside to worship with the kids; Sharon, Cathi, and Michele were still asleep. It was a gorgeous morning! We danced, laughed, kissed, hugged, took pictures and prayed together. I loved it! The sound of the children’s voices and God’s divine nature was beyond words. 

I just finished having breakfast. The menu consisted of medida, a watery semisweet maize. Yumm-yumm! There is nothing like it.  Today we will visit the local hospital to pray for the sick. In the early evening I will preach at “Freedom Square”. It is located in the middle of the city. Hmm? I wonder why it is called “Freedom Square”. Well, I will let you know about that later…

Yei, Sudan Field Report # 2

Wednesday May 23rd.

We visited the local hospital yesterday. The team split into three groups of two’s and three’s. Bidal and David accompanied me into the children’s ward. Bidal is a teacher at the Iris Ministries Children’s Center and David is a 12 year old boy that lives at the center. We led one lady to Christ and prayed for many others. The awesome thing that took place during this hospital visit was that I had David pray for all the sick and lay hands on them as Bidal and I agreed with him in prayer. Yee pee!!! Building a mighty army of prayer warriors with healing hands is one of my passions. And so, you should have seen David’s little face glowing and his faith and boldness being released as he grasped that his prayers were just as powerful as mine or anyone else’s. 

“Freedom Square” is located in the center of the city. According to Pastor John Malis, this meeting place was named as such because people of governmental and political authority come to speak to the inhabitants about issues of importance and the people come to hear of their own free will. Wow!

Yei, Sudan May 2007 Jessica Speaking to CrowdI had the privilege of speaking there yesterday afternoon. I shared with the crowd that I had been sent by someone who has great authority and that I had good news to share with them. I immediately had their undivided attention. I then read to them Isaiah 61 the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor, he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners… .  The crowd numbered approximately 500 people; two hundred received Christ, all were healed of their infirmities by the glory of God, and four deaf and dumb had their ears opened and began to speak for the first time! Yei God!!!!!!!!! All the new believers in the crowd and the ministry team prayed together with me for the healing of the four deaf and dumb and were able to first hand experience the power of their prayers. Ha, ha, ha!!! I am leaving an empowered people Oh yeah; the ministry team was the children from the center

Today I will be speaking at a local church in the evening! And then, we’ll be on our way to Lugazi, Uganda for the four day conference and youth revival meetings. Yee pee! 

Well, this is all for now. Please continue to keep Sharon and me in prayer as we continue with our journey.

 Much love to all and blessings in the name of our precious Lord, Jesus Christ,


Yei, Sudan Field Report #3

Thursday May 24th

Last night I had the joy to minister at Pastor John’s church. It is a one year old baby church located deep in the bush. There were approximately three hundred people packed in an oversized hut with stick and mud walls, a dirt floor, and tree trunks for benches. The church was surrounded by multiple smaller huts where the community lived. It was quite a beautiful site. After delivering the message, Cathi Crooks, Sharon Marion, the children from the center, and I ministered to the congregation through prayer. There were approximately 80 salvations, various healings, two deaf and dumb, multiple abdominal pains, joint paints from previous injuries, headaches, and such. Bam! God showed up again

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