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Sunday, 27 May 2007 16:00

We arrived to Lugazi on Thursday early evening. We had originally expected to arrive three and half hours earlier, at about 2:30 p.m., since the conference started that day at 4:00 p.m. I knew that it would be a tight schedule and yet I had no choice. Eagle Air airlines only has one flight a day from Yei, Sudan and that way to Uganda. In any event, we arrived to Lugazi at 6:00 p.m. after a two hour drive from Entebbe airport. The traffic was very congested and the pollution made my throat sore. The conference had started at 4:00 p.m. with the worship team. It was amazing to see that they were still going when we arrived. Some people had left and there remained about fifty of them.

This was the first night of a four day conference. “Holy Ghost Power Conference” is what they called it WOW! I spoke about I Peter 2:9 and Mark 12:30-31, “A Mighty Army of Love”. I had planned to talk about something else but the Lord changed the message, it was wonderful! I enjoyed being an ambassador of God’s love and releasing that unto a people as well as their identities as royal priests

While on the road to the conference, from the airport, we quickly stopped by some street vendors and bought fried chicken on a stick (you can only imagine what that looked like), fried green bananas on a stick also known as “gonja”, and fried chicken gills on a stick. Yumm yumm! After the conference we went for dinner and had “matoke” (mashed green bananas, warm) and goat meat in its broth. This was quite a treat!

The second day in Lugazi, we visited a local high school and shared the gospel. Sharon was the main speaker and shared beautifully about God’s character and how to be saved. I then spoke about dreams and destiny and prayed for their activation upon the youth. It was beautiful! We then prayed for them, many were healed of physical infirmities and ten accepted Christ as their Savior. Yee pee! What a blast! I just love when daddy God blesses his babies. He is AWESOME!

In the afternoon we ministered at the conference. I spoke about “The Kingdom of God”. It was a powerful message that transformed people’s mindsets as to their identity in Christ. We prayed for everyone that God would release a kingdom mindset to them and that they would be transformed and empowered to walk in their new found selves. 

The third day in Lugazi, in the morning, we visited the local hospital. The team consisted of Pastor Joel, associate pastor of “God’s House of Miracles, Miracle Center”, Pastor Mercy Suubi, Jessica Nakiibule, Father’s Touch Ministries associate minister, Sharon Marion and I. We entered a wing of the hospital where there were about 24 patients. The wing is an open room with 24 beds that were divided into three groups of eight separated by a chest high wall. The windows were open, without screens, plaster was falling off of the walls, flies and mosquitoes were present wherever they felt free to roam, and many patients had not seen a doctor since their admission nor had medical treatment been provided. Some patients had been there for days without receiving medical care. It is very difficult for me to give you an accurate picture of an African hospital. But I can tell you one thing; it tares your heart into a million pieces and wish that you could take some of 
their pain away, even if it meant placing it upon yourself. How can life be sustained and health restored in an environment filled with so much disease and filth. And yet, there is God, in his immeasurable love that brings us here to experience his heart for his people of Africa. 

There was a man lying on the floor under his bed and soiled in his own urine. He said that he was unable to get up because he could not move his legs. Joel and I prayed for him, he accepted Christ, and then we picked him up and placed him on his bed. Another patient that we prayed for had chiggers that covered most of the soles of his feet and his finger tips. He said that he felt that a curse had been placed upon him and that is why he was like that. Joel and I prayed with him, he accepted Christ, we anointed him with oil and broke the curse off of him and commanded all the chiggers to die and fall off. We also prayed for a man that appeared to be on his death bed. He was skin and bones, his temples and cheeks were sunken in and the rest of his body had muscle wasting. We asked him to pray with us to receive Christ and he refused. However, he did allow us to pray for his healing and so we did. I believe that God can reveal himself to people through prayer and even though we do not see a salvation or a healing, a breakthrough takes place in the spirit realm and victory is at hand. 


We prayed for all the patients, we cried, we held them; we smiled with compassion, and deposited the hope and the love of God upon them. God is still awesome! No matter how life presents itself and how horrible the situation may appear.

Lugazi, Kenya - May 2007During the evening, we ministered at the conference. This was our third conference day and we were scheduled to minister to women only. Jessica Nakiibule, Sharon Marion, and I tagged team. We each had a turn to speak. Sharon spoke about “Silencing the Voice of the Enemy and Standing on God’s Promises During Times of Difficulty”. Jessica Nakiibule spoke about “The Power of a Woman” and I spoke about “The Greatness in me”. This turned out to be quite awesome! Three presenters from different walks of life brought forth empowerment, encouragement and strength to a group of ladies that live in a culture that devalues women and considers them property. The smile on their faces, tears, and hugs of gratitude said it all. I am truly blessed that we had this opportunity to minister to the ladies. 

The last day of the conference finally came, it was Sunday morning. The house was packed. There were people from various neighboring cities that came to the service who had not been to the conference thus far. There were about three hundred people present. I spoke about “Spiritual Gateways”. This was phenomenal for me because even as I spoke the Lord was downloading fresh new revelation to me. I was undone by my Father’s greatness and His unending love; that he would reveal his mysteries to me. And as His word was released into the heavens, lives were eternally transformed for the glory of Jesus Christ. 

During the evening session of the conference I spoke about “How to Feed Your Spirit Man”. The church was filled to capacity. The word had gone out and this was their last chance to come to the conference Daddy God is sooo good! After the message we had ministry time, followed by a prayer of blessing over the congregation. I then gave the microphone to pastor Joel and just about lost it. I had a big laugh and so did Sharon and Jessica Nakiibule. This was the result of a comment that Joel made about me. You see, the first time he presented me to the church he introduced me as “An evangelist from America”. The second time he introduced me he said; “And now I present to you a women with the anointing of a man, Pastor Jessica Maldonado” The third time he presented me by saying; “I now give to you Bishop Jessica….” He, he… The fourth time, during the Sunday morning service, he said; “Please welcome Reverend Jessica…” And lastly he said’ “I don’t believe that she is an evangelist as she says” “I believe that she is an apostle because of the teachings she has delivered to us”… All I can say to this is, to God be all the glory now and forever!!!!!!

Lugazi, Kenya - May 2007 - Hope Children's CenterDuring our last day in Lugazi we visited “Hope Children’s Center” It is located in the bush area about thirty minutes drive from Lugazi. I was so pleased to see the beautiful work that Pastor Mercy and Pastor Hudson Suubi are doing with the children. The children were clean, dressed, well fed, and very much loved. This is unusual from my experience in Africa orphanages. I pray that more work like this is raised in Africa.
It was rained today. Literally the sky was falling. It was raining hail the size of grapes. We were having lunch at Pastor Mercy’s house. It was raining coming down sideways. I was afraid that the hail would shatter the windows. The rain was so violent that we could not hear each other speak even if we raised our voices to each other. Water was zipping through the doors and flooding the room that we were in. I prayed as I imagined the people walking on the streets trying to look for shelter. I can see how this could be dangerous and tragedy could result. It lasted about thirty minutes, it seemed like it would not end… The following two nights we will be at Murchinson Falls in a safari lodge resting and getting geared up for the last leg of the Africa portion of this mission.
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