Send Me To College!

Jessica’s heart is to change nations and empower others to be all that God created them to be. What better way to do that than to help them fulfill their dreams! One day, Jessica heard God say, “Send them to college!” She then began to pray and asked God; “How Lord?” “How do I send them to college and who do I send?” She knew that one day, as she persevered, prayed, and waited on God, she would know. Sending young men and women to college has been one of Jessica’s passions. Jessica believes that education transforms lives and empowers others to prosper and have a future.

Nagaraju was standing next to Jessica as he was waiting to be baptized. Jessica leaned in and immediately heard the Lord say, Engineer! Jessica inquired that day and found that Nagaraju’s dream was to be an Engineer. Since then, Nagaraju has completed secondary school, was tested and accepted into college. Today, Nagaraju is a third year Engineer school student and will be graduating with his four year college degree in June 2022. Proud Mamma! 

6-23-22 Update: 

Nagaraju receives his laptop for his college studies. USD. 650.00